Post Pregnancy Training: Frequently Asked Questions

Many women give birth to a baby in their journey of life. However, childbirth often comes with addition of some extra pounds and loss of the sexy curves that women have spent their time and dime to get. Any new mother in Coogee and in any other place around Sydney can tell you that adding weight after delivery is so easy but shedding it off is a real struggle. There are many solutions to weight loss but what comes to the mind first is exercise. Exercising is indeed a great way of getting back your shape but something you need to do with caution after giving birth. You might want to consult an experienced post pregnancy personal trainer Coogee offers new mothers like you.

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Here are some of the questions commonly asked by new mothers on their journey to recovering their great body shape.

How soon can you start training after delivery?

This basically depends on the kind of delivery you had. Was it smooth or did you experience complications? Did you give birth normally or through a caesarean section? Also, did you have any exercise program before your pregnancy? Having a past active exercising regime means that your body is already conditioned and would be ready for workout a short period after delivery. If you had a C-section you might want to give your body at least six weeks before you start the program. Any professional personal trainer Coogee has today will also want to know if you have any pelvic or back pains and first refer you to your physician before launching any exercising program.

Which exercises are good for you and which are not?

Giving birth in itself is a traumatic event to the body. As such, it would be prudent to help the body recover from the trauma before you subject it to vigorous exercises that could stress your body further. For starters, a good Coogee personal trainer will begin with easier, simpler routines. At this time you should avoid high impact activities such as running and swimming (particularly if you had a C-section). Remember that your joints are still fragile and can be easily affected by pregnancy hormones even after delivery.

What should be your area of focus?

The midsection of your body undergoes changes during pregnancy and thus weakens the core. Therefore, the exercises you need to focus on after childbirth are those that will build the stability and strength from your core. In this regard, an expert post-pregnancy personal trainer in Coogee may recommend exercises such as leg lifting, floor bridges and stretching.

Can you do a diet plan while breastfeeding?

When breastfeeding you need a little more calories than usual – 1800-2000 calories a day. This means that you have to eat more that you normally do. So to make sure that these calories don’t pile up to excessive numbers, a good personal trainer Coogee professional will encourage you to eat healthy foods. Ditch processed food and focus on eating clean food – whole grains, legumes, lean protein sources, fresh fruits and vegetables.

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